Marsh Lab Graduate Students Win Graduate Grant Awards!

The following Marsh Lab graduate students won Graduate Grant Awards sponsored by the Charles Lafitte Foundation Program for Research in Psychology & Neuroscience:

Matt Stanley: “Structure-Seeking as a Psychological Determinant of Moral Principle Endorsement”

Emmaline Drew Eliseev: “Searching for Answers: Implications for Metacognition”

Brenda Yang: “Novel features of narrative fiction”

Morgan Taylor: “Reasoning about Others’ Knowledge in Younger and Older Adulthood”.

Congratulations, Marsh Lab!

Marsh Lab’s newest publication gains press!


A writer for The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest published a write up on one of the Marsh Lab’s recent publications: An initial accuracy focus prevents illusory truth.

You can check out the article here.

While the publication is in press and will not be available in Cognition until January 2020, you can read a full text of the publication here.


Marsh Lab Welcomes post-doc Dr. Amanda Zamary!

Amanda Zamary is joining the Marsh Lab as a Postdoctoral Associate after recently completing her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Kent State University.

Her program of research focus on improving memory, understanding, and reasoning with complex concepts and materials. She will be working with Dr. Marsh on research funded by the Office of Naval Research: Advancing Artificial Intelligence for the Naval Domain.

Amanda is thrilled to be joining the Marsh Lab and the broader Duke community in this next step of her career. She is looking forward to working with new collaborators, broadening her program of research, and sharing her expertise with those around her.

Welcome, Amanda!


New publication in Cognition


Congratulations to former lab alumna Dr. Nadia Brashier, current graduate student Emmaline D. Eliseev, and PI Dr. Elizabeth Marsh on their latest publication in Cognition - An Initial Accuracy Focus Prevents Illusory Truth.

You can read their publication here.

Congratulations, Brenda!

Congratulations to graduate student Brenda Yang on landing a teaching position at Elon University!

This upcoming fall semester (2019) Brenda will be teaching Cognitive Science.

Congrats, Brenda! We are so proud of you!

New Publication in the Annual Review of Psychology

The Marsh Lab congratulates lab alumna Dr. Nadia Brashier & PI Dr. Elizabeth Marsh on their recent publication in the Annual Review of Psychology - Judging Truth.

(2019, JUNE)


Members of the Marsh Lab headed to the beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the Society for Applied Research in Memory & Cognition research conference!

thumbnail_Photo Jun 08, 7 50 30 PM.jpg

Dr. Elizabeth Marsh was a discussant in a symposium called, "Reducing the Spread of Misinformation via Applied Cognitive Science". This symposium featured talks by Elise Fenn, Kathy Pezdek, Stephan Lewandowsky, and Madeline Jalbert. 

Graduate student Brenda Yang gave a talk titled, “Judgments of deceptive visualizations”.

Graduate student Allie Sinclair also gave a talk titled, "Surprise drives episodic memory updating and distortion".

Graduate student Emmaline Eliseev gave a poster presentation titled, "Just Google It: How Online Search Affects Metacognition and Learning"

Duke Law postdoctoral researcher and Marsh lab researcher Will Crozier also gave a talk titled, “Filling in the Blanks: Memory for Ambiguous Body Worn Camera Footage.”

Congrats on all your hard work!

Congratulations Beth & Suparna!

This past March (2019) PI Dr. Beth Marsh and collaborator Dr. Suparna Rajaram published an invited target article in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition titled, “The Digital Expansion of the Mind: Implications of Internet Usage for Memory and Cognition”. In this journal article Beth and Suparana discuss various properties of the internet and how they pertain to human cognition. Considering how many individuals rely on the internet to post information, seek information, and share information, Beth and Suparna urge future researchers to consider how internet usage may affect many different aspects of cognition.

Congratulations, Beth, Emmaline & Hannah!

With so many deadlines quickly approaching and writing that needed to be done, the Women’s Support Network in Psychology and Neuroscience here at Duke University decided to form a writing group by bringing together junior scientists off campus for a day of writing and community-building. Due to overwhelming positive feedback and through the discussion of the many benefits of the writing group, the writing group hosted six more writing days throughout the remainder of the semester. Women from the group said that the writing group not only promoted community-building and support, but it also encouraged productivity, motivation and networking.

Ph.D students Christina Bejjani, Emmaline Eliseev, and Hannah Moshontz wrote about their experience and the value of the writing group and further encourage other departments to also form writing groups. This piece was published by The Graduate School at Duke University and can be read here.

Congratulations, Abby & Ceren!

The Marsh Lab wants to congratulate undergraduate research assistants Abby Flyer & Ceren Ebrem on their induction into the prestigious Psi Chi International Honors Society in Psychology!

We are so proud of all of your hard work!

Congratulations, Emmaline, Morgan, Brenda & Abby!


Graduate students Emmaline Eliseev, Morgan Taylor, and Brenda Yang as well as undergraduate research assistant Abby Flyer all won travel awards sponsored by the Charles Lafitte Foundation for research in Psychology & Neuroscience to attend the Society of Applied Memory and Cognition Research Conference this upcoming June (2019).


Marsh Lab celebrates newly accepted publication!

PI Dr. Elizabeth Marsh and Marsh Lab alum Lisa Fazio just published a peer-reviewed journal article tittled, Retrieval-Based Learning in Children in Current Direction in Psychological Science!

Retrieval-Based Learning in Children is a review of the current literature supporting evidence for the benefits of retrieval-based learning for children in preschool, elementary school, and even infancy.


Congratulations, Emmaline!

The Marsh Lab would like celebrate graduate student Emmaline Eliseev on successfully defending her Major Area Paper (MAP) and receiving her Masters!

Emmaline’s MAP, titled Externalizing Autobiographical Memories in the Digital Age, explored the cogntive consequences of creating external records of personal life experiences (e.g., photos, diaries, social media,etc.), and how this might be changing the Digital Age.

Congrats, Emmaline! We are so proud of you!

Morgan adventures to Switzerland!


This summer (2019) graduate student Morgan Taylor will be traveling to Switzerland to attend the Swiss Graduate School for Cognition, Learning and Memory. The theme of this year’s summer program is, Dealing with Uncertainty: Decision-Making and Memory Processes’. Morgan will have the wonderful opportunity of hearing from top cognitive scientist, such as, Dr. Simona Ghetti, Dr. Christopher Hertzog, Dr. Benedetto de Martino and Dr. Celine Souchay. During the program Morgan will also have the opportunity to participate in scientific discussions, peer-review sessions, PhD presentations, and networking.

Morgan also won a travel award from the Jacobs Foundation to help fund her adventure.

Congrats, Morgan!

Learn more about the Swiss Graduate School for cognition, Learning and Memory here.

Congratulations, Allie & Eric!

The Marsh Lab would like to congratulate graduate student Allie Sinclair on receiving a graduate research fellowship award from the National Science Foundation!

The Marsh Lab would also like to congratulate graduate student Eric Juarez on receiving a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention!

Congrats, Allie & Eric!

Marsh Lab congratulates Stephanie Ng on her acceptance to Columbia University!


The Marsh Lab would like to congratulate undergraduate research assistant Stephanie Ng on her acceptance into Columbia University! Following graduation this upcoming May (2019), Stephanie will be heading to Columbia University to pursue a Masters in Psychology with the Education program within the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology of Teachers College at Columbia University. 


For her senior honors thesis, Steph explored how the conflicting expectations of Chinese eating norms and ideal body image standards may contribute to the development of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating in Chinese adolescent women. Through pursuing the Global Mental Health and Trauma concentration in the Psych in Ed program at Columbia, Steph hopes to build upon these findings and to continue exploring her research interests of body image issues in Chinese women. Eventually, she hopes to translate her research findings into evidence-based, culturally sensitive interventions and treatments for Chinese women, and to practice as a clinical psychologist in her hometown of Hong Kong. 

“I am so thankful to my family at the Marsh lab for keeping me excited and passionate about research in the field of psychology, and for all of the unconditional support that they have always given me!” ~ Stephanie Ng

Congratulations, Steph! We are so proud of you!

Congratulations, Matt!

Earlier this month (March, 2019) graduate student Matt Stanley successfully defended is Major Area Paper (MAP) to his committee!

Congratulations, Matt! We are so proud of you!

Marsh Lab Celebrates Three New Publications


Graduate students Brenda Yang & Matt Stanley along with PI Dr. Elizabeth Marsh recently published a paper in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition titled - When the Impossible Becomes Possible: Fluency Overrides Qualifying Information in Assessing Truth. Congrats!

PI Beth Marsh collaborated with Dr. Suparna Rajaram from Stony Brook University to publish two articles to the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition - The Digital Expansion of the Mind: Implications of Internet Usage for Memory and Cognition & Cognition In the Internet Age: What Are The Important Questions?. Congrats!

Marsh Lab Welcomes Lab Manager, Alexandria Stone! (February 2019)

Alexandria Stone comes to Duke University from UNC Charlotte, where she received her BS in Psychology and a BA in Sociology. During her time at UNC Charlotte, Alexandria successfully completed an undergraduate honors thesis investigating how caffeine can influence both positive and negative emotional response in individuals who display symptoms of alexithymia and depression.

Alexandria is excited to gain more critical research experience in the field of psychological research before hopefully attending graduate school to pursue a Ph. D in Clinical Psychology.

Welcome, Alex!